How much does it cost to upgrade my account, and what are the benefits of upgraded membership?


Your account will be automatically upgraded for free when you receive 10 or more positive reviews for your service/s. If you’d like to upgrade sooner, then for a one-off payment of only £10 you can upgrade whenever you like and start enjoying all the great benefits. Upgraded membership will allow you to:


Create custom orders for your clients

Offering custom orders means you can expand your business beyond your standard services, allowing you to undertake more complex or unusual projects for your clients. Your clients won’t need to worry about ordering multiple services and extras to reach the exact price, as you can customise and set both the deliverables and the price.


Offer extras/add-ons to your services

Service extras supplement your basic service, making your services more appealing to buyers and with the added potential of increasing your earnings substantially. For example, if your basic service offers a 3 minute voiceover for £5, you could earn an extra £10 by offering the added service of writing a script for the voiceover - and/or an extra £5 for next day delivery.


Enjoy an additional 15 credits

In order to post a service to the site or respond to a service Request, you’ll need credits. The number of  credits required will depend on the price of your services; you’ll need one credit to post a £5 service, and four credits to post a 10, £20 or £50 service. You’ll need need two credits if you to quote for a service Request that has been posted to the site.

Currently, all new members receive seven credits on joining fivesquid. As a seller, you’ll also earn an extra credit every time you receive positive feedback after successfully delivering one of your services. With upgraded membership, you’ll get the added bonus of an extra 15 credits.


Send unlimited quotes for Requests posted on our Job Board

With an upgraded account, you won’t need to use up your precious credits responding to service Requests. You can quote for as many service Requests as you like at no extra cost.



Upgrade now


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