How does the Request feature work?


If you have a specific project that you would like one of our sellers to undertake, but you can’t find the right service on our website, you can post a Request using the following steps (and it’s free!):

  • Log in to the Buyer section of your account
  • From the dropdown menu, select ‘Post a Request’
  • Complete all the required information about your task/project
  • Click ‘Publish & Continue’.

What happens next?

Once our team has approved your request, it will be available for our sellers to see and respond to. You'll then get an email notification from us letting you know when a seller has expressed an interest in undertaking your project. You can view your quotes and select your preferred seller by logging into the Buyer section of your account and selecting ‘My Requests’.

Click here for our top tips on posting a service Request.

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