I haven’t heard from the seller, what should I do?


We encourage buyers and sellers to communicate with each other regularly throughout the course of an order. Just bear in mind that the seller may be working on a large number of orders at the same time so it may be difficult for them to respond to you immediately.

If the agreed delivery date for your order has passed or you have waited more than one working day for the seller’s response, then you can ask our Customer Support team to contact the seller on your behalf.You can contact our customer support team at any time by clicking the 'submit enquiry' button above or via the 'Contact Us' button on the fivesquid homepage.

If delivery is overdue and you don’t wish to wait any longer for a response, then you can request mutual cancellation of the order. Just click the ‘cancel order’ button that appears on your order page. You can then find another seller to do the work for you.

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