My order has been marked as completed. Can I still cancel the order?


Once your order has been marked as completed, you can no longer request a mutual cancellation. You can however contact our Customer Support team who may be able to cancel your order for you, provided you contact them within 14 days of your order being marked as completed. This is because there is a clearing period for payments released by us to the seller following order completion. After the period of clearing, it may be very difficult for us to retrieve the payment and offer you a refund.

Please note: If you’re seeking cancellation of an order and a refund, it is important that you contact our Customer Support team as soon as possible after your order is delivered. We will not consider cancellation and refund requests that are made several weeks or months after an order has been completed.

Any unusual/suspicious behaviour on the part of the seller should also be reported as soon as possible
e.g. asking for direct payment outside of fivesquid, or requesting a positive review before any work has been delivered. You can contact our customer support team at any time by clicking the 'submit enquiry' button above or via the 'Contact Us' button on the fivesquid homepage.


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