In what circumstances can I cancel my order?


Wherever possible, we encourage buyers and sellers to resolve any order-related disputes between themselves. However, our Customer Support team will usually be happy to cancel an order in any of the following circumstances:-


Active orders

  • The buyer or seller is being unresponsive
  • The seller is no longer active on fivesquid
  • The buyer or seller is being abusive
  • The buyer or seller is using copyright or trademark infringing material.


Delivered orders

  • The seller has delivered the order late
  • The seller has delivered nothing at all
  • The seller has not delivered the work specifically requested (or proof of delivery where required) or the work delivered does not meet the brief provided by the buyer
  • The buyer has requested an unreasonable* number of revisions (*our Customer Support team will exercise their discretion in deciding whether the number of revisions requested is unreasonable/excessive).
  • The buyer is refusing to accept the work delivered or requesting revisions for reasons of personal preference, rather than because the work doesn’t meet the buyer’s brief.  
  • The buyer has request revisions but the seller is not responding.


If you're a buyer seeking to cancel your order and claim a refund, please contact our Customer Support team who will do their best to help. Please avoid filing a claim with your payment provider e.g. PayPal. This is likely to result in delays resolving your claim and may result in suspension of your account while we look into your claim.


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